About This Course

A brief introduction to what you’ll learn in the course.

Course objectives

This course is about best practices in software development. It will be technology agnostic but might use some specific platforms and tools. It will mainly cover:

  • Preferred development practices
  • Internal team practices
  • Principles of DevOps
  • Documentation and testing techniques
  • Strategies and delivery processes

This course is for working professionals or recently promoted team leads who would like to improve their software development practices and excel in the industry. This course will help you enhance your skills and help you perform internal team tasks and external company duties with a high level of confidence and proficiency.

In this course, you’ll understand what extreme programming is, and follow some agile processes (such as Scrum and Kanban), and practice test-driven development.

> Author’s Note > > Most experienced developers frequently spend time trying to recreate the winning formulas from past projects that have been successful. This is my attempt to collect and unify the best practices that I have encountered throughout my career.