In this lesson, we'll learn the details of the main processes that are followed in a cloud environment.

Processes in a Cloud Environment

Let's discuss some of the main processes in a cloud environment.

Cloud economics and developer time 

These days, the cost of cloud infrastructure is so low that it makes sense to only purchase when needed (pay-as-you-go) and for the duration needed. This is especially true for Google BigQuery.

Warning: Be very careful when partitioning BigQuery. Costs can get very high if you try to query all of your data all the time, so it's recommended to partition your data into daily partitions. Don't let the database administrator run the same expensive query on the same data repeatedly. This can be especially difficult if you need to purchase a license. A multi-day approval cycle can be much more expensive in terms of developer time over buying the product. 


There are several ways to cache data in a cloud-hosted application, such as:

  • In the code that you're working on.

  • Via a distributed cache such as RedisRedis is an in-memory data structure store that may be used as a cache as well..

  • Via a content delivery network (CDN). 

We need to be careful that we don’t cache in multiple layers, or it can backfire.

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