Quick Recap

Let's recap what we learned in this chapter.


In this chapter, we took a step back to fill in some context around choosing your production platform, and we discussed what’s involved with deploying and operating applications. Although much of this may have already been familiar to you, we took a very Docker-centric slant to understand how the production landscape differs once you have adopted Docker.

In particular:

  1. We reviewed what is meant by “Ops” and explored how using Docker answers some common questions.

  2. We learned about orchestration tools, which provide us with a platform for creating and managing compute clusters capable of delivering and running our containerized apps in a resilient way.

  3. We discussed Swarm and Kubernetes, giving a brief outline of their relative strengths and weaknesses.

  4. We considered the decision of whether to build on top of an IaaS platform or go the more managed route with a CaaS provider.

  5. We looked at the tools you might use to provision IaaS infrastructure.

  6. We had a quick tour of some popular CaaS platforms.

  7. We considered the trade-offs involved in deciding which platform and tools are right for you.

What to expect in the next chapter?

Armed with these insights, let’s dive back into the practical details again, and turn our attention to prepping our app for production. Full steam ahead!

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