Quick Recap

Let's look into what we have covered so far.


That’s it! We have finally done it. 🎊

We now have a fully-fledged Rails app running with Docker, completely managed through Compose. It is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

Let’s quickly recap what we covered in this chapter:

  1. We installed Yarn and a more up-to-date version of Node to meet Webpacker’s requirements.

  2. We installed the Webpacker gem.

  3. We added a new service to our docker-compose.yml file that runs the webpack_dev_server to automatically compile our Webpacker JavaScript assets.

  4. We created a Hello World React application to verify everything was configured correctly to compile and run a React app.

What to expect in the next chapter?

Now that our app is up and running in all its glory, we will turn our attention to setting up and running our tests in a Dockerized environment.

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