DFT and the Mysteries of the Universe

Watch DFT unfold the mysteries of the universe.

One might think that we obtain information about the universe around us through the light from outer space. But remember that visible light is only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can also acquire the non-visible parts of the spectrum and process them digitally after sampling. This is how we have gradually built a beautiful picture of the universe around us. DFT has played an integral role in creating that picture.

Study of planets

Some planets are covered with thick layers of cloud or gas that cannot be studied with simple optical telescopes. Other waves from the radio spectrum, however, can be captured, and DSP techniques can be applied to extract as much as information as possible from these waves. This information, includes but is not limited to the composition of the atmosphere, surface, and core materials as well as the terrain, all of which help build a 3-D model of the planet that is as clear as a photograph. The DFT is the primary tool employed for this kind of study.

Map of the universe

Just like the globes in our homes, astronomers create a map of the universe that contains information about the stars. This is called the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. This diagram classifies stars based on two major properties: luminosity on the vertical axis and color on the horizontal axis.

Luminosity is determined by the amount of energy radiated into space. The color provides astronomers information about the surface temperature of the star. Which tool is overwhelmingly used for obtaining this information that is coming from the stars? The DFT!

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