Summary: Android Components and APIs

Here's a quick summary of what we learned in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

What have we learned?

This chapter started with a brief introduction to the Android components and APIs provided by React Native, and we learned about the functionalities provided by these components and APIs.

We then discussed each Android component and API in detail, such as BackHandler, DrawerLayoutAndroid, PermissionsAndroid, and ToastAndroid. We learned:

  • How to use the BackHandler API to detect back button presses in Android applications so the user can return to the previous screen.

  • How to use the DrawerLayoutAndroid component to provide the drawer layout for the user to navigate between different screens.

  • How to use the PermissionAndroid API to request permissions from the user.

  • How to use the ToastAndroid API to display toast messages in the form of popup screens anywhere on the screen to provide feedback to the users.

Finally, we tested our concepts by practically applying them inside coding playgrounds.

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