Summary: Application Styling

Here's a quick summary of what we learned in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

What have we learned?

This chapter started with a brief introduction to application styling in React Native, and we learned what styling is and why it is important.

We then moved on to discuss different concepts, such as applying styles to applications, controlling the dimensions of components, the layout of components using Flexbox, and applying colors to components. We learned:

  • How to apply styles to applications using inline and object-based styling. We also learned how to create and apply styles to components using style sheets and combine different styles.

  • How to control dimensions of components using fixed, flex, and percentage dimensions.

  • How to use Flexbox to lay out components in React Native. We briefly covered the different properties of Flexbox. We further learned how to use each of these properties and what values can be passed to them.

  • How to add colors to React Native applications using different methods, such as RGB, HSL, color integer values, and named colors.

Finally, we tested our concepts by practically applying them inside coding playgrounds.

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