Coding Challenges

A few samples of exercises you can attempt in order to further polish your skills

We'll cover the following


We have four exercises to choose from, each exercise focuses on different challenges. Try to tackle the exercise of your choice by pairing with at least one person, ideally, try to have four​ people by group.

Fork the original repo (with the instructions), work on it and send a pull request when you are done.

  • Avatar me

    • Hashing
    • image manipulation
  • Remote commands

    • Concurrency (channels, go routines)
    • Network interface
    • depending on the commands you implement
  • Copernic 2000

    • concurrency
    • consumption of web resources (http/json/XML)
    • sorting
    • data sets
    • data storage
  • Godoc API

    • Building a web API
    • Testing a web API
    • JSON encoding/decoding
    • Exploring godoc
    • Extending existing packages or
    • Shelling out

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