Controller Testing: Integration Tests

Learn about integration testing in Rails and write tests for your links controller.

Integration testing

Integration testing is done to check how various parts of the application interact. For example, creating a new link involves interaction between your controller and your model, and after successful creation, the controller has to render a view. If you want to check whether this interaction is successful, you can write an integration test for it.

Pre-test configuration

Before you can start writing your test, you must make some configurations keeping in mind the structure of your application.

Specifically, you must keep the following points in mind:

  1. Your Link model is associated with your User model. Every link you create in your fixtures must have a user attribute.

  2. All actions, other than index and show, require an active user session to be accessed. This means a user must be signed in to create or delete a link.

Since you cannot disable these features of your application, you must make some configurations to your test environment before you can run tests on the full range of actions in your Links controller.


In links_controller_test.rb you will make the following additions to setup:

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