Wrapping Up!

Let's wrap up with a quick summary and a final note!

We'll cover the following


In this course, you took a beginner-level look at the Rails framework for web development.

You started with a basic introduction to Rails, learned its history, its design structure, and, in the tradition of programming, ran a “Hello World!” program in Rails. You then proceeded to learn about models, migrations, and how to perform CRUD operations, both in the Rails console and in web forms using a minimalistic application. You also learned how to add validations to your models and how to apply the DRY principle to your Rails application.

With the basics now under your belt, you moved on to create a functional application. Using the application as an instrument, you learned how to use Rails scaffolds to set up the MVC structure easily, how to set up model relations, and added functionality to your application in incremental steps, such as voting and user authentication. You worked your way through a series of challenges that were a culmination of all the concepts covered in the previous chapters. You set up a structure for comments while making your way through the challenges.

With the application built, you learned the basics of testing in Rails and wrote some simple tests for the models, views, and controllers of your application.

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