Closing remarks on the interview process.

Interviewing can be a stressful activity to undertake while juggling a full-time job and personal commitments. Rejections are hard to handle for most of us especially when they arrive in our inbox as canned messages from recruiters feigning sincerity with no meaningful insight into our interview performance. I tell candidates to go easy on themselves and not to let the judgments of five or more random strangers made in less an hour, define for them their self-worth. Interviewing is after all an inexact science and I have seen far too many highly qualified candidates get rejected and many mediocre interview performances get rewarded with a hire. The key is never to give up and 'always be hustlin'. Honing one's interview skills and inculcating solid engineering talent will not let one go unnoticed for very long in an increasingly tech dominant economy with an insatiable demand for quality engineers !

Having said that, I am on a forever quest for self-improvement and receiving critique and feedback on my work. If you found the course lacking in value or have suggestions for improvements, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn. Shoot me a connection request or just a message detailing what did and didn't work for you in the course. If there are any new topics or problems you'll like to see covered, I am all ears. Looking forward to hearing from you!

C. H. Afzal.

Every great product is a result of team-effort and so is this course. Collaborators on this course included the following good folks:

  • Ahsan Khalil (Illustrations and graphic design)

  • Sana Bilal (Content enhancement and development)

  • Maham Sana (Content enhancement and development)

  • Educative's Proofreading Ninjas

Last but not least, it is only human to err and so have I during the composition of this course. I am very grateful to folks who very kindly apprised me of the omissions and errors in the content and as a thank you note, I acknowledge them below.