Know Your Company’s Anatomy: Part II

Understand the anatomy of your company: the roles and responsibilities.


The nature of sales depends a lot on the company’s products and business model. If our company sells direct to customers, we may have a direct sales team that does just that. Many companies sell through distributors or value-added resellers; thus, they’ll have a channel sales team to manage that business. Other companies may have a business development team that develops more strategic relationships with other companies.

In all cases, if we wonder what motivates a sales guy, find out about his compensation plan. Most all salespeople make lower salaries but have significant financial incentives tied to their performance. If our contribution to the company’s top line could be measured so readily, the company might motivate us in a similar manner, too.

Sales performance, as with company performance, is usually tracked by quarter and by year. Salespeople are the easiest people in the world to start a conversation with. We probably won’t have to say a word and they’ll start the conversation. It’s what they do best.

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