Forms of quality assurance

Of all the forms of testing mentioned earlier in the lesson Forms of Quality Assurance, which of these tests does your company use?

  • Find the unit tests in the source code, ask the test department for the acceptance test plan, and ask how beta tests are done and where that feedback goes.
  • Ask a senior engineer’s opinion: is this enough to ensure a smooth experience for the customer.
  • Spend some time doing directed exploratory testing, even if your “direction” is somewhat vague.
  • Use the product to see whether you can break it. If you can, file bug reports accordingly.

Type systems

The lesson, Type Systems, has bits and pieces of a program that reads lines of comma-separated data from a file, splits them apart, and uses them to create objects. Try to complete the following task related to this lesson:

  • Look up the unit testing frameworks available for each programming language you use. Most languages will have the usual bases covered (assertions, test setup, and teardown) and some facility for fake objects (mocks, stubs). Install any tools you need to get these running.
  • Create a program that does this in the language of your choice, complete with unit tests that assure the correctness of every line of application code.

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