Who Is This Course For?

Let's quickly talk about the intended audience and prerequisites for this course.

Intended audience

This is an interesting course for beginner-level PHP developers who want to learn the aspects of using PHP to create dynamic websites. It will also be useful for people with experience in other programming languages who want to learn about PHP and how it deals with the web (as opposed to Java, Python, etc.).


In order to fully benefit from this course, knowledge of the following few concepts regarding PHP programming is required:

  • Variables and assigning values to them
  • Control structures like if, else, foreach, for
  • Strings and string concatenation (using .)
  • Integers
  • Expressions and comparisons (<, >, etc.)
  • Associative arrays (arrays with string keys and value) and indexed arrays (arrays where only the values are relevant)


We will be using the Firefox browser as an example. However, you don’t need to worry about installing any browser as we have set everything up for you within the course on our platform.

What to expect

This course contains well-explained topics and allows you to implement them on the spot. You are also provided with quizzes and coding challenges to further consolidate the concepts. The goal of this course is to enable you to develop simple PHP web applications using what you have learned in the course.

This is the index

Let’s have a sneak peek at a very simple “This is the index” example in PHP. Later in the course, we will unwind and discuss the components of this example in detail.

Run the code given below to see the output. Then, click the link below the Run button to view the webpage in a separate tab.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">


    <h1>This is the index</h1>