Challenge: Commenting Feature

This lesson contains challenges that you can keep on implementing in the application to enhance your skills.

This last lesson is for hands-on experience with the application and implementing features yourself. I encourage you to continue implementing features for the application and improving it. There are a couple of guiding points to help you with implementing the Commenting feature. In the end, it should be possible to show a list of paginated comments per issue on demand. Finally, a user should be able to leave a comment. The source code of the implemented feature can be found here.

  • Introduce components for fetching a list of comments (e.g. Comments), rendering a list of comments (e.g. CommentList), and rendering a single comment (e.g. CommentItem). They can render sample data for now.

  • Use the top level comments component (e.g. Comments), which will be your container component that is responsible to query the list of comments, in the src/Issue/IssueItem/index.js file. In addition, add a toggle to either show or hide comments. The IssueItem component has to become a class component or needs to make use of the withState HOC from the recompose library.

  • Use the Query component from React Apollo in your container Comments component to fetch a list of comments. It should be similar to the query that fetches the list of issues. You only need to identify the issue for which the comments should be fetched.

  • Handle all edge cases in the Comments to show loading indicator, no data, or error messages. Render the list of comments in the CommentList component and a single comment in the CommentItem component.

  • Implement the pagination feature for comments. Add the necessary fields in the query, the additional props, and variables to the Query component, and the reusable FetchMore component. Handle the merging of the state in the updateQuery prop.

  • Enable prefetching of the comments when hovering the “Show/Hide Comments” button.

  • Implement an AddComment component that shows a text-area and a submit button to enable user comments. Use the addComment mutation from GitHub’s GraphQL API and the Mutation component from React Apollo to execute the mutation with the submit button.

  • Improve the AddComment component with the optimistic UI feature (perhaps read again the Apollo documentation about the optimistic UI with a list of items). A comment should show up in the list of comments, even if the request is pending.

Here you go:

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