Installing Packages to Use Apollo Client with GraphQL

In this lesson, we will further install the required packages for combining the Apollo Client with GraphQL.

We'll cover the following

To get started, find the Node.js boilerplate project and its installation instructions. You will use Apollo Client on the command line in a Node.js environment for now. On top of the minimal Node.js project, you will introduce the Apollo Client with Apollo Boost to experience the GraphQL client without a view-layer library.

In the following, you will consume GitHub’s GraphQL API, and then output the queries and mutation results in the command line. To do this, you need a personal access token on GitHub’s website, which we covered in a previous chapter. If you haven’t done it yet, head to GitHub’s instructions to generate a personal access token with sufficient permissions.

After you’ve cloned and installed the Node.js boilerplate project and created your personal access token, install these two packages in the command line from the root folder of the new project:

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