Python, being a beautifully designed, high-level, and interpreter-based programming language, provides many features for the programmer’s comfort. Sometimes, however, the outcome of a Python snippet may not be obvious at first glance. This is a fun course that explains what exactly is happening under the hood for some counterintuitive snippets and lesser-known features in Python.

While some of the examples you will see below may not be FTWFTWs in this context are counter-intuitive snippets or edge-cases of the Python programming language. in the truest sense, they’ll reveal some of the interesting parts of Python that you might not be aware of. This course is designed to be a nice way of learning the internal workings of the Python programming language, and we believe that you’ll find it interesting!

py = "Python"
ftw = "FTW!"
ed = "Educative"
print("Let's begin", py, ftw, "at", ed + ".")

If you’re an experienced Python programmer, you can take this course as an extra challenge and get most of these problems right on your first attempt. You may have already experienced some of them before, so we might be able to revive some sweet old memories of yours! 😃

So, here we go…