Quick Recap

  • Python has multiple elements of surprise and many easter eggs. Some of them are:
    • The antigravity module.
    • Working implementation of the goto construct.
    • A feature using curly braces to denote the scope in the __future__ module (don’t be excited about it though).
    • A feature using <> as the not-compare-equals operator () in the __future__ module.
    • The this module containing the Zen of Python, and its counter-intuitive code.
    • The else clause for loops and exception handling.
    • The globally available built-in Ellipsis object, which is equivalent to ... and has multiple legitimate uses.
    • If you do a hash of infinity, it gives out 314159105×π-10^5 \times \pi” in Python 3 and “105×e-10^5 \times e” in Python 2.

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