About the Author

A brief introduction of the author of this course.

I am a German software and web engineer dedicated to learning and teaching programming in JavaScript. After obtaining my Master’s Degree in computer science, I continued learning on my own. I gained experience from the startup world, where I used JavaScript intensively during both my professional life and spare time, which eventually led to a desire to teach others about these topics.

For a few years, I worked closely with an exceptional team of engineers at a company called Small Improvements, developing large scale applications. The company offered a SaaS product that enables customers to give feedback to businesses. This application was developed using JavaScript on its frontend, and Java as its backend. The first iteration of Small Improvements’ frontend was written in Java with the Wicket Framework and jQuery. When the first generation of SPAs became popular, the company migrated to Angular 1.x for its frontend application. After using Angular for over two years, it became clear that Angular wasn’t the best solution to work with state intense applications, so they made the jump to React and Redux. This enabled it to operate on a large scale successfully.

During my time in the company, I regularly wrote articles about web development on my website. I received great feedback from people learning from my articles which allowed me to improve my writing and teaching style. Article after article, I grew my ability to teach others. I felt that my first articles were packed with too much information, quite overwhelming for students, but I improved by focusing on one subject at a time.

Currently, I am a self-employed software engineer and educator. I find it a fulfilling pastime to see students thrive by giving them clear objectives and short feedback loops. You can find more information about me and ways to support and work with me on my website.

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