Got any questions? This section might help you get the answer.

How to get updates?

I have two channels where I share updates about my content. You can subscribe to updates by email or follow me on Twitter. Regardless of the channel, my objective is to only share quality content.

Is the learning material up-to-date?

Programming courses are usually outdated soon after their release, but since this course is self-published, I can update it as needed whenever a new version of something related to this course gets released.

How can I get help while reading the course?

Drop an email at author_feedback@educative for people who are reading along.

Can I help to improve the content?

If you have feedback, shoot an email and I will take your suggestions into consideration.

How to support the project?

If you find my lessons useful and would like to contribute, seek my website’s about page for information about how to offer support. It is also very helpful for my readers to spread the word about how my course helped them, so others might discover ways to improve their web development skills. Contributing through any of the provided channels gives me the freedom to create in-depth courses, and to continue offering free material.

What’s your motivation behind the course?

I want to teach about this topic consistently. I often find materials online that don’t receive updates, or only applies to a small part of a topic. Sometimes people struggle to find consistent and up-to-date resources to learn from. I want to provide this consistent and up-to-date learning experience. Also, I hope I can support the less fortunate with my projects by giving them the content for free or by having other impacts.