React Class Components

An introduction to react legacy version and it's class components.

We'll cover the following

React has changed a lot since 2013. The iterations of its library, how React applications are written, and especially its components have all changed drastically. However, many React applications were built over the last few years, so not everything was created with the current status quo in mind. This section of the course covers React’s legacy.

I won’t cover all that’s considered legacy in React, because some features have been revamped more than once. You may see the previous iteration of the feature in older React applications, but will probably be different than the current.

Throughout this section we will compare a modern React application to its legacy version. We’ll discover that most differences between modern and legacy React are due to class components versus function components.

Note: The live execution of modern React application and its legacy version is shown at the end of this chapter.

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