Imperative React

We'll cover the following

React is inherently declarative, starting with JSX and ending with hooks. In JSX, we tell React what to render and not how to render it. In a React side-effect Hook (useEffect), we express when to achieve what instead of how to achieve it. Sometimes, however, we’ll want to access the rendered elements of JSX imperatively, in cases such as these:

  • read/write access to elements via the DOM API:
    • measure (read) an element’s width or height
    • setting (write) an input field’s focus state
  • implementation of more complex animations:
    • setting transitions
    • orchestrating transitions
  • integration of third-party libraries:
    • D3 is a popular imperative chart library

Because imperative programming in React is often verbose and counterintuitive, we’ll walk only through a small example for setting the focus of an input field imperatively. For the declarative way, simply set the input field’s autofocus attribute:

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