Getting Started

Get a brief overview of the course, its target audience, and its prerequisites.

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Target audience

This course is aimed at ASP.NET Core developers, especially those who want to implement direct communication between separate services. With the popularity of microservices architecture, this is a very common challenge that web developers have to deal with. Therefore, the information learned in this course will be highly applicable to real-life software development projects.

gRPC is not the only mechanism that enables direct communication between different applications and services over the network. However, it is one of the best tools to achieve this because of the following:

  • It's highly standardized across the industry.

  • It uses the latest HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 features, which makes it very efficient.

  • Its message serialization protocol (Protobuf) is designed to make the message size as small as possible.

  • It is technology-agnostic, which means that different applications within a distributed ecosystem can be written in different languages.

  • It is a first-class citizen component of ASP.NET Core.

The last point is the reason why any ASP.NET Core developers will benefit from this course.


In order to be able to follow the instructions in this course, only a basic understanding of .NET and C# is required. You are also expected to have a basic understanding of web application development. Knowledge of ASP.NET Core fundamentals is a plus, but is not essential.

There are no prerequisites in terms of setting up the development environment. A sandbox software development environment will be provided inside the course, and it will include both an interactive code editor and an SDK that will allow us to run the applications after making changes to the code. However, complete instructions on how to set up your own development environment will be provided in the appendix of the course.