Access Permissions

Learn how to control or implement the access restriction functionality on our Vue application.

This section doesn’t exactly address app security, but if our application has different roles for users, then we might want to prevent a user from accessing certain pages or features on the client-side.


In this section, we’ll cover:

  • How to restrict access to the comments section when a user isn’t logged in.

  • How to restrict access to the edit comment button to a user who is an author, moderator, or admin.

  • How to restrict access to moderators and admins-only pages.

  • How to restrict access to the admins-only page.

First, let’s create a few necessary files for demonstration. We can create a new Vue 3 project from scratch if we want to follow along with the example below or have a look at the Companion App.

Directory structure

These are the files we’ll need to create or modify in this example:

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