Solution: e2e Tests

Here’s the solution of how to write e2e tests with Cypress and Cypress testing library.

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Your task was to create tests using Cypress and Cypress testing library. Here are the required steps:

For the tests/e2e/specs/website.js file:

Home tests

  • Visit the homepage and confirm it contains a headline with the Welcome to The Road To Enterprise text.

About tests

  • Click on the About nav link and confirm that the Welcome to The Road To Enterprise text isn’t present.
  • Check that the About page contains the About Us text.

Contact tests

  • Click on the Contact nav link.
  • Load the contactData.json fixture.
  • Fill in the form using the data loaded from the fixture.
  • Click on the Send button.
  • Confirm that the page contains Message sent text and the email and message texts from the fixture.

Let’s run the following code to understand how the solution above works.

Note: The code below may take a while to run. When the server starts, go to the app URL to see the output.

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