Solution: Vuex Mapping Helpers

Here’s the solution of how to convert a component to use Vuex Mapping Helpers.

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Your task was to modify the App.vue file to use Vuex mapping helpers instead of accessing store values and methods directly. Here are the required changes:

For the src/App.vue file:

  • Import the createNamespacedHelpers or mapGetters and mapActions helpers from the vuex package.
  • If you’re using the createNamespacedHelpers method, use it to create mappers for the todos module.
  • Spread the mapGetters result inside the computed object definition with the getTodos getters.
  • Spread mapActions result inside the methods object definition with the fetchTodos action.

Let’s run the widget below to understand how the solution above works.

Note: The code below may take a while to run. When the server starts, go to the app URL, and see the output.

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