Course Overview

Learn why this course is important to study.


There are many potential mistakes beginners can make when using Vue, often creating bloated or slow applications that are messy and hard to maintain and scale. A common perception is that there are many resources for beginners to start with Vue, but not many for more advanced developers who are working on production-ready applications. This course attempts to fill in that gap.

About the course

This course explores ways to help us solve different kinds of problems that arise during large-scale application development. It should help us make our projects cleaner, more consistent, maintainable, and scalable while following standardized practices.

Who’s this course for?

This course isn’t a beginner’s guide to Vue.js, so it won’t explain beginner concepts. At least an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, Vue.js, and the ecosystem around it, such as Vue CLI, Vue Router, and Vuex, is necessary to understand this course. Comfort using a command-line interface is a plus.

This course is a great resource for:

  • Developers with prior Vue knowledge who want to upscale their Vue proficiency and learn how to create enterprise-ready applications.
  • Developers and teams who want to quickly learn best practices, advanced patterns, and tips to incorporate into their new or existing Vue projects.
  • Developers who’re looking for career progression as a Vue.js Developer.