User Roles and Permissions

Effective management of large websites requires a collective effort, as it is not feasible for a single person to handle all aspects of content creation and updates. In order to facilitate this collaboration, it is essential for every team member involved in website management to have access to the admin dashboard. However, sharing a common admin username and password among team members can introduce serious security vulnerabilities, creating a potential nightmare scenario. To mitigate this risk, it is advisable for each team member to have their own individual usernames and passwords. This approach ensures enhanced security measures and maintains accountability by assigning unique credentials to each team member.

Creating a user account

Let’s assume we have a coworker who will help with managing a section of the website. We can create an account for the user in two ways:

Hover over "New" in the top admin bar and choose "User." From the admin dashboard sidebar, click "Users" and choose "Add New."

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