Coding Challenge: Throw and Clear Errors

Create a project to throw and clear errors.

We'll cover the following

Problem statement

In this challenge, create a Nuxt project to throw a fatal error that is caught on the error.vue page. The error page should also have a button to clear the error and redirect to the home page. The project has an error.vue file that takes in the error as a prop and displays it in the template. There is also an index.vue page with a button that will be used to throw an error.

Complete the project by completing the following steps:

  • In the error.vue file:

    • Call the handleError function when the button is clicked.

    • Add the correct helper method to the handleError function to clear the error. This should also redirect to the home page.

  • In the index.vue file:

    • Throw an error when the button is clicked using the createError helper method.

    • Pass createError an object containing a statusMessage and fatal:true. The fatal property is required to trigger the full-page error.

Try it yourself

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