Installing Nuxt Locally

Learn how to install and set up a new Nuxt project on your computer.

We'll cover the following

Creating a new Nuxt project

All code examples in this course are already set up and fully interactive. To create a Nuxt project outside of this course, you can use the terminal. You will need to install Node.js version 16.11 or newer.

  1. Inside the terminal, confirm you have Node.js installed with the following command:
    node -v

  2. If there are no errors and you see a Node version > 16.11, you can proceed. Navigate to the directory where you want to install your Nuxt project:
    cd Desktop

  3. The following command will set up a new project with your chosen project name:
    npx nuxi init <project-name>

  4. Install the required NPM modules:
    npm i

  5. Then, run the development server:
    npm run dev

The project can then be opened in the browser at the default http://localhost:3000 URL.

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