What to Expect?

Let's look at what you should expect from the course.

Why should I take this course?

Docker is here, and there’s no point hiding. In fact, if you want the best jobs working on the best technologies, you need to know Docker and containers.

If you want to thrive in the modern cloud-first world, you need to know Docker. But don’t stress, this course will give you all the skills you need.

Course prerequisites

This is a high-level course about Docker with prior knowledge required regarding the following topics:

  • The Docker Engine
  • Images
  • Containers
  • Containerizing an Application

Breakdown of chapters

Each chapter covers theory and includes plenty of commands and examples. Most of the chapters are divided into three parts:

  • The TLDR: This gives you two or three paragraphs that you can use to explain the topic at the coffee machine. They’re also a great way to remind yourself what something is about.

  • The Deep Dive: This explains how things work and gives examples.

  • The Commands: This lists all the relevant commands in an easy-to-read list with brief reminders of what each one does.


For a few lessons, we will provide you with playgrounds, like the one given below.These will be at the end of the lesson to implement what you have learned so far.

Terminal 1

You don’t need to configure anything in the playground and you will be all set to go. Any additional instructions needed for a playground will be provided beforehand.