Who Is This Course For

Get an overview of the course, its motivation, intended audience, and prerequisites.


This course will give you an in-depth look into building layouts from scratch.

Whether you want to learn how to program, are a beginner in programming, or are wondering where to start, this course is the right place for you to begin.

Target audience

This course is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of web development. It prepares you to take small steps into the web development world, so this course might seem slow-paced to people familiar with the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

What to expect

In this course, we introduce each concept for building web layouts from scratch with the help of different interactive coding widgets, where you can make edits and see the changes. This course contains a lot of exciting challenges and quiz questions for you to practice.

This course begins with the basics of HTML, where you’ll learn how elements render on web pages. After that, you’ll learn to design the structure of the web pages, add animations, and make pages interactive through CSS. This course also introduces you to Bootstrap. Finally, you’ll learn the advanced concepts of CSS.

Building and designing layouts is an exciting journey. After this course, you will be able to build your customized layouts.

It might be frustrating to grasp some concepts initially. However, if you follow instructions in the lessons and practice, you’ll get the hang of them quickly.

Let’s get started!