Adding the canActivate Route Guard to the Router Module

What is the canActivate route guard?

The canActivate guard is a default route guard interface provided by Angular. It checks if a user can navigate a specific route or helps prevent access to a particular route. The canActivate guard usually returns a boolean value and an observableObservables are promises that help in handling asynchronous requests in Angular..

Integrating the canActivate route guard

To integrate the canActivate guard into our project, we need to take the following steps explained below:

Step 1: Creating the guard

To create the guard, we need to run the command below at the root of our Angular application:

ng generate guard auth/auth

Next, we get a prompt message in the terminal with the following options:

>(*) CanActivate
 ( ) CanActivateChild
 ( ) CanDeactivate
 ( ) CanLoad

By pressing the “Enter” key, we select the canActivate option from the above prompt, and the guard gets created. Our folder structure should look like this:

src > app > components > auth

Inside the auth folder, we have the following files generated by the Angular CLI:

  • auth.guard.spec.ts
  • auth.guard.ts

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