Before We Begin

Here’s an overview of what we'll learn during this course.

About the course

Welcome to the MEAN stack course where we combine technologies like MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js to create a CRUD application. The first section of this course focuses on the frontend, by making use of Angular to create the user interface. Next, we proceed to use Node.js and Express to set up the backend by creating the REST APIs. Finally, we proceed to use MongoDB to create our database.


To take this course, you should have an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript. If you have a good understanding of these technologies, it will be easier to follow the course and implement the practical exercises that come with it.

Intended audience

This course is for web developers who already understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to learn a new JavaScript framework, either as a front-end developer by using Angular or as a back-end developer by making use of Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

This course also suits developers looking to transition into full-stack web development and serves as a foundation for creating full-stack applications using the MEAN stack technologies.