Is This Course Right for You?

Understand whether you are the right audience for this course. Determine the gap required in terms of prerequisites, if any.

Still on the fence about how this course will benefit you and whether this is what you want in your educational or professional journey? Let’s break it down into bite-sized explanations that will hopefully give you a clearer picture.

Prior requirements

Though you don’t need to be an expert in Go, knowing its basics and syntax of Go is advised.
We would strongly recommend going through a course on Educative to understand the basics of Go. Plenty of resources are available on Educative and the official website of Go, and both provide excellent learning resources on the language. It would undoubtedly be beneficial to have some basic understanding of how to write code in Go. This course will not spend time teaching the syntactical aspects. We will instead focus on how best to use the language for our purposes.
Nevertheless, there will be explanations for most of the code used in the lessons to make the course friendly for beginners to the world of Go.

Some parts of the first chapter will naturally come to those with experience in building back-end services. However, if this is your first time foraying into the backend, no need to worry! We will walk through the fundamentals together and grow step by step.

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is to provide a solid foundation and an excellent understanding of what goes into building API services that can handle production-grade, real-world throughputs of user requests.

This course will also cover some critical aspects of system design that will enable better-informed decision-making while writing code, with an eye out for future maintainability and scalability.

This course is not a deep dive into system design advanced concepts, databases, or queues. Those will require further reading based on unique individual requirements. Backend and system design are topics that are too broad to adequately covered in just one course.
This course will surface the high-level knowledge required to be familiar with any new technology we might come up against and gain confidence in the ability to write code to suit any unique needs.

Who should take this course?

You are a prime candidate for benefitting from this course if you are:

  • A student of computer science or related field looking to expand their knowledge.

  • A software professional looking to learn more about the backend or what goes into the domain.

  • A programmer who wants to learn how to write better, more maintainable, and scalable code.

  • A back-end developer looking to grow beyond their current skill and build robust systems that anyone would be proud of.

We do not recommend taking this course if you are:

  • A front-end developer with minimal interest in how the backend works.

  • A software professional looking to deep dive into system design or database theory.

  • Someone with very little or no understanding of the Go language and ecosystem.


Hopefully, this has been fruitful in helping you understand our vision in writing this course and convinced you in case you were on the fence. We can’t wait to see what we build together! Here’s wishing you a very fruitful and rewarding learning journey up ahead.