Implement Stack for the Text Editor

Understand the approach to implement stacks for our text editor project.

Our approach to implementing the stack for our text editor project

To implement the undo functionality for the text editor, we will reuse the same Stack class that we implemented in the previous lesson—with few changes. Earlier, we were directly storing the elements in the stack, but now we will store an integer value from 0 or 1. A value of 0 will denote that we are inserting characters in the stack, and 1 will denote that we have removed the characters by pressing the backspace button. This differentiation of the operations will help us in implementing the undo functionality properly, because we need to track the insert and remove operations and then perform the undo operation when the button is clicked.

Implement the Stack class

The major changes in our Stack class will be inside the push() and pop() methods, where we will be storing the integer value along with the text. We'll also maintain a class attribute named buffer to denote the maximum number of characters that can be removed at once while performing the undo operation. Now let's see the code:

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