Introduction to the Course

Get an overview of the course and what it offers.

We'll cover the following


This course aims to take your data structures and algorithmic skills to the next level by building real-world projects. A solid understanding of the following will be useful for this course:

  • Data structures (including arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, graphs, and hash tables).
  • Algorithmic skills (including but not limited to dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, and graph traversal algorithms).
  • JavaScript (all the projects in the course are built using JavaScript).

Final outcome

This course focuses on various data structures and their real-life applications. We’ll start from the basics of JavaScript, and then we’ll gradually move towards using data structures and algorithms to build projects. The course does not focus on designing applications using CSS, but you are free to explore that while building these projects as well.

In this course, we are going to build 9 projects. They will be real gaming and utility projects that use data structures and algorithms in JavaScript. All these projects are built as web-based projects, which you can showcase in your resume.