Introduction to the Text Editor Project

Get an overview of the text editor project, which we'll create in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

What is the project about?

This is another exciting project built with stacks. In this project, we'll be creating a text editor with the undo functionality. There will be two components in the HTML web page:

  • An empty text box on the left-hand side that the we can write text in.

  • A section that will display the operations performed on the stack with its data on the right-hand side.

There will be two buttons at the bottom of the web page:

  • Undo: To perform the undo operation on the text content that we've written in the text box.

  • Clear text: To clear all the text data in the text box and empty the stack.

There is a known limitation to our project: we cannot perform the undo operation if we try to edit/delete the text somewhere in the middle of what we've written in the text box—only the most recently types characters will be deleted by the undo button. Our project will undo the text which is written in a single flow and deleted from the current cursor position in the text box.

You can explore the project below:

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