Implement the Upload and Save Features

Learn how to implement the image upload and download functionalities using DOM elements.


We will be implementing all the features discussed in the previous lesson one by one. In this lesson, we'll create an object that contains the functions to upload an image and download an image when a user clicks the upload and save buttons, respectively. On the HTML web page, we will display the buttons to upload and save an image. The image will be displayed on a canvas, which we already discussed in our previous chapters.

We'll follow the steps below to implement these functions:

  • To implement the upload function:

    • Create an input HTML element and set the type property of the element as file. This will allow the user to select an image from the browser.

    • Attach an onchange event listener on the input HTML element to load the image and display it on the canvas.

  • To implement the save function:

    • Create the download URL from the canvas.

    • Create a link HTML element (<a>) and add the download image name and URL. Then, click the link programmatically so that the image gets downloaded when the user clicks the "Save" button.

Create the function to upload an image

We'll create an object named tools and add all the utility functions inside the same object in the upcoming lessons. Let's now start the implementation by executing the steps mentioned above:

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