Implement the Image Flip Feature

Learn how to implement the image flip functionality by manipulating 3D arrays.


In the previous lessons, we implemented the functions to upload, save, and rotate an image to the left and right. In this lesson, we'll be implementing the functions to flip an image along the horizontal and the vertical axes. As we did before, we are going to add these functions in the same tools object. Let's move on to the implementation.

Function to flip an image along the horizontal axis

Below is an illustration of the logic to flip the pixel values of an image horizontally. Suppose we have an image with 3×33\times 3 pixels. Now, after flipping the image along the horizontal axis, the first rows get swapped with the last rows. This means we've flipped the pixel values of the image, which is the same as saying that we've flipped the image along the horizontal axis.

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