Deployment Pipelines

Learn about the DevOps pipeline and its flow.

What is the DevOps pipeline?

To follow DevOps principles effectively, we need tools. Without the necessary tools and automation, it becomes difficult to put the process into practice. If we look around, we’ll find tools and services that solve a specific aspect of DevOps, such as source control and testing. On the other hand, many companies provide a suite of products and services encompassing all phases, from planning to monitoring.

The DevOps pipeline is a set of tools and automated processes that help us build and deploy code to the targeted environment (such as development, testing, and production). We also call it a CI/CD pipeline since we follow the continuous integration , continuously delivery, and continuous deployment processes of DevOps. A pipeline can vary from one organization to another or service to another but usually involves similar steps or activities.

DevOps pipeline flow

A DevOps or CI/CD pipeline can be thought of as a workflow where we execute a series of steps in sequence or parallel. The end goal is to go from code to a deployed functionality with as much automation as we can manage.

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