What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

In this cloud service model, cloud platforms provide the tools and frameworks to build and deploy applications in the cloud. We only focus on our application and data, and the cloud vendor takes care of the rest of the things, such as servers, networking, operating system, etc. The focus is on developers in this model, and it helps developers quickly build and deploy cloud applications.

This model helps us to be more efficient. We rent everything needed to build our applications, including a development environment accessible over the Internet, making it very easy and quick to start. The entire team can be up and running in no time.

Like IaaS, PaaS includes infrastructure such as servers, storage, and networking. It also offers middleware, development tools, business intelligence services, database management systems, and more. PaaS is designed to support the complete web application lifecycle, that is., building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.

One other advantage PaaS offers is a simplification of the software licenses. With PaaS services, the licensing for underlying components, such as operating systems, databases, etc., is also totally managed by the cloud vendor.

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