What challenges should we be aware of?

Learn about some of the challenges we deal with when working with the cloud.

Working with the cloud can be different from the traditional approach. We deal with various aspects based on the cloud service model. Even if we work with the IaaS model, we still need to do many things that we might not be bothered to look at when working in traditional ways.

It helps to have an open and adaptive mindset. Cloud is blurring the boundaries between well-defined roles we used to have. For example, even if we categorize ourselves as developers, we’ll deal with architecture and solution design, automation, deployments, monitoring, etc. We have to take responsibility and make decisions that we would not previously.

Let's discuss some challenges we can face when working with cloud computing paradigms. The idea of talking about these challenges is that we need to be aware of what is involved so we can educate ourselves to be better prepared for what's to come to reap the benefits cloud computing offers us.


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