Types of Cluster Computing

Types of clusters

There are different types of computer clusters. Let's discuss them and understand their use.

Load balancing

With load balancing clusters, the workload is distributed to multiple nodes so that one node is not overwhelmed. As a result, performance is not decreased even with increased load. For example, if we have a website serving a large user base, we can put it under a load balancer and use multiple nodes to serve the users. When traffic comes, the cluster checks and routes the traffic to one of the available nodes. Different routing algorithms can be used to decide where traffic should go. One of the commonly used algorithms is the Round Robin scheduling algortihm.

With load balancing clusters, we try to achieve scalability, so we can still respond without causing delays even if we receive more traffic. The load balancer is a piece of hardware in the traditional compute model, but in cloud computing, it is a virtual component that can be configured via software but serves the same purpose.

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