Front-End Setup

Learn how to install Angular 4 on your local machine!

Installing Angular-cli

For our front-end part of the application, we used Angular 4. This is a JavaScript platform, like the other technologies in the MEAN Stack family, that provides us an easy way to write web applications. The most common way to manipulate this framework is to use Angular Command Line Interface – Angular-CLI. One of the benefits of this tool is that, once we initialize our application with it, we can use TypeScript and have it be automatically translated to JavaScript. Installing this interface is done through npm, of course, by running the command:

npm install -g angular-cli

You may notice that -g option is used. This will install it globally so that you can use Angular-CLI options from anywhere. Next thing we want to do is to initialize our Angular 4 application. This is done by calling Angular-CLI command:

ng new application_name

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