Replica Sets

This lesson introduces the theory behind replica sets, why and how they are used in MongoDB.

World of NoSQL

The NoSQL world has grown and blossomed in the past few years. It has given us more options in choosing databases than the past few decades did.

Now, we can think about the nature of our data and actually pick the type of database that best suits our needs. This is one of the coolest things about the NoSQL ecosystem, it contains many types of databases, and each type is best applied to different types of problems.

One of the dominant databases on the NoSQL market, at the moment, is certainly MongoDB. It is a documented NoSQL database, and thus, closer to the traditional relational databases than some other types of NoSQL databases. This probably explains its success. You can read about this and some other MongoDB basics in the previous chapter. Now, we are going to dive a little bit deeper into some of the MongoDB features regarding replication and scaling.

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