This lesson will give you a basic introduction to MEAN stack and go over the database structure used in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

In the previous chapter we explained how to use MongoDB in .NET world. However, this is probably not the most natural habitat for MongoDB; so, I decided to display how one can use MongoDB in other, debatably, more appropriate environment of MEAN stack. After all, this database got its reputation by being used in the so-called MEAN stack.

The other reason we made this chapter is that, when we tried to learn MEAN stack quickly, we didn’t find a lot of sources out there that gave us a full preview of how it should be done. Information was scattered all over the Internet and, what was there, usually covered just one part of the topic. So, we’ll try to merge all that information into one chapter, using a simple CRUD example, to help you. This is a lot of ground to cover but, hopefully, it won’t be too overwhelming. We will not go too deep into the details to make it easier to digest

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