Polyglot Persistence

This lesson explains the reasons why NoSQL is chosen by engineers-- it touches on the concept of Polyglot Persistence.

Why Choose NoSQL?

There are two main reasons why engineers choose NoSQL databases for their problems:

  • Minimizing the Impedance Mismatch

    Since a lot of effort is spent on mapping in-memory to in-database, saving that effort improves developer productivity.

    Sometimes, a NoSQL database has a data model that better suits the needs of our application, and thus simplifies the interaction of the application code with the database. This way, we have less code to develop and maintain.

    For example, in MEAN stack (M is for Mongo DB) the whole stack uses JSON objects, and the interaction of application code and database is minimal.

  • Embracing large scale data

    Today it is very time-consuming to store a large amount of data in the relational databases. Businesses have a need to capture and process a lot of data more quickly because many NoSQL databases are designed to run on clusters, which are a better fit for this kind of problem.

    Large scale clusters give us the ability to store larger data sets and process large amounts of analytic data. Also, NoSQL databases have different data models that may be better for processing huge amounts of data.

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