Cost of Testing

Let’s look at the cost of testing.

We'll cover the following


  • As the complexity of the project increases, we add more tools to the existing toolchain. If a testing culture is not upheld , then problems can arise.

  • In your first approach, testing can add more cons than pros; you might end up maintaining more tests than you code.

  • Tests can give you false confidence, and you might blame them when a bug goes online.

  • Testing requires a mind shift.

  • Learning to test takes time. While it will have you develop applications more quickly in the long term. During the learning process, the experience will make you faster and faster but, in the beginning, you cannot avoid the learning curve.

  • Testing must be treated as an essential part of an application’s final product.

  • Testing might feel like yet another app that must be maintained.

Testing might be frustrating to learn, but don’t be afraid to take breaks, ask for help, and most importantly, don’t give up!

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