Cypress Vs Other Tools

Let's compare Cypress with other tools and determine its utility.

We'll cover the following


Cypress was created with UI testing in mind. To use Cypress, you must become accustomed to the logic and syntax, but it has many advantages that make testing easier compared to more generic tools (like Selenium and Puppeteer).


  • Waiting for an AJAX request and stubbing the Back-end has never been easier. By combining Cypress with analyzable request/response payloads, you get total control over front-end/back-end communications.

  • Automatic waitings and retry-ability avoid fixed time sleeps, which are bad for test durations.

  • Tests have no timeouts but each command inside the test has a timeout.

  • Neat and complete documentation.

  • Cypress has Test Runner.

    • The Test Runner reports everything and allows step-by-step navigation, meaning that you do not have to slow down your browser to understand what’s happening.

    • IThe DevTools console contains detailed step reports.

    • The test can be played and paused.

    • Cypress tracks every AJAX request.

    • It is easy to understand which test is running.

  • Some more practical advantages like avoiding single Chrome instances and auto-close management, automatic page error reports, etc.

  • Last but not least: you can leverage tens of Cypress plugins

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